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Baked Fresh Scallops with Cream Cheese Fresh scallop imported from USA stuffed with melted cheese, mushroom,garlic and mushroom sauce.
        Chef’s Recommendations
 Steamed Snow Crab with Ginger & Garlic Come and savour our seasonal delicacy, SNOW CRAB, specially flown in from Vodskov, Denmark .Chef Recommedation: Steamed with Blended Ginger & Garlic Sauce.
Baked Fresh River Prawns with Cheese Fresh live river prawns baked with melted cheese and butter on topping.
Special Hainanese Style Crab Our Signature Dish.  Special home made Hainanese sauce cooked with fresh mud crab or prawn. *PRICE SUBJECT TO THE SIZE OF CRABS
        Braised Lamb Shoulder with Broccoli A tender and juicy lamb shoulder after braised for several hours cooked with blown sauce and broccoli on side.
Deep Fried Chicken with Butter Cream Deep fried chicken in cube and cooked with delicious sauce consisting of cream, garlic, pepper and butter.
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Rock Road Seafood Restaurant Special of the Week......
Superior Treasure in Claypot Our Signature Dish. Braised abalone, shark fin, sea cucumber, mushroom, chicken and dry scallop cooked for several hours with chicken stock.
Stir Fried Abalone with Straw Mushroom Delicious juicy Abalone brasied with straw mushroom and green vegetable.
Umai Midin in Thai Style Local wild fern (Midin) saute with garlic, chilli, lemon juice and Thai sauce.
    RM 95- RM 100 PER KG
 RM39 (S)                 RM69 (L)
RM 20(S)                 RM39(L)
RM 250 (L)
RM 22 (S)               RM 42(L)
5 pcs RM 45         10 pcs RM 90
RM 40 (S)      RM 130 / KG
         RM 160 PER KG
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