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Certifications Halal Certified Rock Road Seafood Restaurant served & practised Halal standard of preparing dishes due to tremendously increase of muslim patronage over the time.With the assistance of Jabatan Agama Islam Sarawak, we have managed to receive our first Halal certification on 2008.   Since then, patronage from various groups visit to our restaurant can never be less. Please refer to the latest Halal certification 2015 for further details. Sarawak Chef Minister Environment Award 2012 Rock Road Seafood Restaurant is always aware and concern about the business activities towards the environment.  We always involve and take part in campaigns organized by the local authorities on creating a more environmental friendly place for all.  Rock Road Seafood Restaurant participated in the Sarawak Chief Minister Environmental Award (SCMEA) 2010-2012.   Award in community services Rock Road Seafood Restaurant participates in community services in assisting the unfortunate groups (OKU) to improve their living standard.  Rock Road Seafood Restaurant trained disabled persons as part of the restaurant employees to overcome their barrier towards working enviroment. Rock Road Seafood Restaurant received the award of appreciation on 2012 from The Society for The Blind Malaysia for helping the blind people in giving them opputunities to work like normal people. Recommended by tripadvisor Rock Road Seafood Restaurant received high rating from public who post comments in tripadvisor.com.my and ranked 21 of 153 restaurants in Kuching.
Rock Road
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