Catering: Set B

Catering: Set B

Catering: Set B


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Term & Conditions:

  • This package is available for :
  • i) self pick up or delivery (packed in container)
  • ii) Outdoor Full Set Catering
  • We only accept confirmed booking. Please call before making any order.
  • Self Pick-Up or delivery Min order : 10 pax & above
  • Outdoor Full Set Up Catering Min order : 30 pax & above
  • Additional order : min 5 pax per increment/add on.
  • Self pickup Packaging inclusive of :
  • i) Disposable cutleries (Fork & spoon, plates), Food Container / Aluminum tray & Serviette.
  • Outdoor Full Set Up Catering inclusive of :
  • i) food warmer, cutleries, buffet counter, table linen & delivery (subject to location).
  • ii) tables & chairs (2 tables & 20 chairs F.O.C) following add on is subject to charges (pls refer to setup selection)
  • Delivery surcharges : Min RM15 per delivery charge & subject to location.
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a) onion Sauce (D/Fried), b) Lemon Sauce (D/Fried), c) Sweet & Sour (D/Fried), d) Dried Chili Gong Bao(S/Fried), e) Kamheong Sambal Style (S/Fried), f) Hainanese Sauce(S/Fried), g) Kachama Leaf (Stew), h) Curry Powder and Potato (Stew), i) Kurma Spices (Stew), j) Ginger & Spring Onion (Stew), k) Roasted Crispy Chicken

2A) FISH (Fish Fillets)

NONE, a) Sweet & Sour Sauce (D/Fried), b) Butter Cream sauce (D/Fried), c) Thai sauce (D/Fried), d) Black Beans Chili Paste (D/Fried), e) Black Pepper sauce (D/Fried), f) Butter oat (D/Fried)

2B) Steam Tilapia Fish (Add on RM2/pax)

NONE, g) Cantonese Style (soy sauce), h) Curry Asam Sauce, i) Nyonya Style


a) Mixed Vegetables with Mushroom, b) Braised Cabbage with Mixed Mushroom, c) Braised Vege with Vermicili (Vegetarian), d) Vege with Oyster Sauce, e) Stewed Vege & Beans Nyonya Curry


a) Thai Chili Sauce, b) Minced Chicken with Egg White, c) Minced Chicken Sze Chuan style, d) Braised with Mushroom & Vege


a) Chinese Style Fried Rice, b) Tom Yam Thai Style Fried Rice, c) Butter Garlic Mushroom Fried Rice, d) Steamed Fragrant Rice, e) Shredded Chicken Noodles, f) Cantonese Style Noodles, g) Fried Noodles Hockkien Style, h) Singapore Style (Dry) Noodles, i) Singapore Style (Dry) Bee Hoon, j) Fried Noodles Kampong Style, k) Fried Noodles Black Pepper, l) Braised Noodles with Assorted Mushroom, m) Spaghetti Bolognaise (Non Meat), n) Pasta Carbonara (Non Meat), o) Stir Fried Glass Noodles with Minced Chicken


a) D/F Meatrolls, b) D/F Vegetarian Spring Rolls

7) Beef / Mutton

a) Stew with Curry Spices, b) Stew Hainanese Style (Non Spicy), c) S/Fried Rendang (Malay Style), d) S/Fried with Ginger Onion, e) S/Fried with Kamheong Style, f) Lamb Ribs with Brown Sauce


a) Prawns – Thai Style, b) Prawns – Salted Crispy, c) Prawns – Asam Nyonya Style, d) Prawns – Hainanese Style & Buns, e) Prawns – Butter Oat, f) Prawns – Salted Egg Paste, g) Squid – Dry Chili, h) Squid – Sambal, i) Squid – Salted Eggs

9) Fruit

Mix Fruit

If you need extra cutlery, or tables and chairs arrangement, kindly contact 0111-0571575. Charges will apply.

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